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Roosevelt Dog Food and Treats

Roosevelt hails from a small town in America’s heartland and was developed with the insights and knowledge of a dedicated team of pet health experts. They take full advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies nearby farms have to offer and source their meat from some of the most beautiful, natural places in the U.S. Their ultra-modern facility is a family run, third generation business and uses the highest quality ingredients, standards and controls. Roosevelt dry dog food and treats contain only all-natural, whole ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (the good stuff) and no byproducts and artificial anythings (the bad stuff). Roosevelt dog food has a balanced amount of fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and that each recipe has a low glycemic index. Roosevelt created grain-free recipes with unique proteins but consistent base ingredients to make transitioning between flavors easy. Switching up a protein source is a great way to prevent food allergies, dietary deficiencies, and imbalances. Now you can serve beef one night and fish the next, without worrying about any digestive issues for your dog. Try Roosevelt treats, delicious protein nuggets made with love and nose boops by pet foodies. With less than 4 calories per treat, they’re great for training, motivating, snacking and rewarding.